People enjoy new possibilities every day. And we are definitely ready to go along with them. Our “That’s Not Only My Car” campaign began with a teaser on Facebook to remember people in Brazil how fast life changes nowadays: the web video “That’s Life Today”. Meanwhile, an unbranded Tumblr amused people with unexpected and funny uses for cars. A few days later, we launched our campaign and questioned the audience: “what is your car for you?” Our Facebook page and influencers presented more unusual uses for cars and kept the conversation alive. The Tumblr became branded. Digital formats redirected users to the respective campaign page in each country. People shared their thoughts with us about the new uses for cars and inspired the whole campaign: from magazine ads and radio spots to the “That’s not my car” TV Commercial. When you set out to find new roads, it gets easier to understand all the new possibilities people see in the world nowadays. That’s life today.



Agency: Commonwealth McCANN Brasil

Executive Creative Director: Eric Sulzer, Fernando Penteado

Creative Director: Luiz Gimenes (Libra), Flavio Tamashiro

Art Director: Luiz Gimenes (Libra), Danilo Cardoso

Copywriter: Flavio Tmashiro, Nathalia Capistrano, Augusto Meira

Producer: Prodigo Films

Photos: Neto