The 2017 Chevrolet Cruze has everything: New design, Turbo Engine, certified efficiency and advanced safety technologies. So, we wanted a bold idea to present the car that challenges not only other cars but people’s highest expectations. It all began with a test drive. A challenge against premium competitors. To participate in this great experience we invited our Cruze target: brand fans, car enthusiasts and, of course, Corolla and Civic buyers. But we wouldn't compare the new Cruze to those cars. We would prove that our car can do much more: it will challenge premium vehicles. In our challenge event, the 2017 Cruze competed against premium vehicles, generating surprising reactions from our invitees. Each challenge presented one of the Cruze’s advanced features. All the material shot during the Challenge became our campaign assets: digital formats, social posts, and web series. 


Agency: Commonwealth McCANN Brasil

Executive Creative Director: Eric Sulzer, Fernando Penteado

Creative Director: Luiz Gimenes (Libra), Flavio Tamashiro

Art Director: Luiz Gimenes (Libra)

Copywriter: Flavio Tamashiro

Producer: Volcano Hotmind